No, not like in the F-word. Like in A, B, C, D , E and …F. Number 6. It’s the song Greed which I wrote this summer. I liked it but was it good enough to publish? So I got a little self-critical. Reworked the intro to a more Pink Floydish one and some of the lyrics. Ver B. Then I realised that about half of the lyrics was better sung by a choir and the words changed from “I” to “he”. Nice. Ver C. Tried a little by my self in the studio. No…. But it was a good idea so I rearranged choir/lead voices and some of the lyrics. It kind of worked. Ver D……
I played my ver D Mock up of the song for the band. They liked it. So we played around with it a couple of rehearsals. And the guitarist Stefan Hedenström said “-It sounds a lot like some of our other songs. Could we try another type of beat?”. “Yes we can!” I answered. He played a very rhythmical and much more aggressive beat. I recorded a short bit of it and went home. So New beat, a little altered chord progression, slightly simplified to better fit the aggressiveness of the and rehashed lyrics. Back to the studio and rehearsal with Forsberg Wilson& Muller. It worked! Ver E. But……. Was it a bit …. ehee… dull? Self-critical again. And also, I realised that this had to be the live version of the song because I really wanted Version C or D to be the single.
So last Thursday. I arrived early to the studio because it was rehearsal night. I started to play around with the chords of our song Greed. And…. I had been listening to the wonderful Swedish artist Joakim Thåström. He’s the master of monotone music but it’s so nice. Emotional. And a lot of the songs, long crescendos. So, I went there when playing around. Monotone, building up as we go along.
It felt right. I recorded a short mock up. Bass, guitar, rhythm guitar, wordless song and a synth drum background. It.... was quite good. So I dared play it to the band and they agreed. This is the one. Or the version to go with. Version F. Phuu.
So now I’m sitting in the office re doing the lyrics. And adding since it's much longer now but still about Greed. Altered chord progression with a little more sophisticated chords. You know, the sus’s, the sevenths’ and the nine chords, as the Asus, Em7 and Cmaj9. So new chords in place and now an extended lyric. And then … I can send it to the band to prepare recording. Finally!
I hope it was all worth it.