A couple of weeks ago, we played our super small and intimate gig, the Nano gig. I always film my performance on stage, be it talking/lecturing or playing and singing as now. I do it to see what I do and to, probably slowly, getting better at it. Ever tried? Not so funny to see. But I’m getting used to it. And the odd sound of my voice when talking. It’s much easier hearing my self singing than talking, actually. On stage with the band I do both….
Anyway, I filmed us on the Nano gig too. But the only place I could fix my camera was in the ceiling. So it turned out to be a odd perspective of us playing. You see a lot of ceiling and you miss out on Stefan Hedenströms wonderful footwork. On the other hand you doo see the work of our drummer Öjje Forsberg. And that’s….. interesting. Usually you can’t see the drummer cause there is a singer and a guitarist in front. And even if you get them to move out of the way maybe you see a drummer’s head. And all his drums. But by ceiling perspective…. You can see it all.
So……. I decided to share a video with the odd perspective. It’s the song Lost Myself.