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Gus Muller started out as a name for me instead of my awkward swedish name (Gunnar Möller). Like a pseudonym. But as it turned out Gus consists of a lot of people each doing their part .... of Gus. Anyway here are the people that work with Gus and together with me make up Gus Muller.
Musicians appearing on one or more tracks
Micke Moberg: Guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion
Öjje Forsberg: Drums and percussion, backing vocals
Sigvard Frenzel: Drums and percussion
Stefan Hedenström: Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar
Todde Sjöström: Guitar, backning vocals
Charlotta Wilson: Bass and backing vocals
Clara Wilson: Piano, keyboard and backing vocals
Karin Gemfors: Keyboards
Axel Wejne: Piano
Åsa Pihl: Backing vocals
Alicia and Olivia Pihl: Sound effects a talk
Micke Moberg: Arrangements, mixing, mastering, production

Mats Thomasson: PR and marketing
Fredrik Reuterhäll: Video production
Hasse Eklundh: Webpage layout and recordcovers
Karin Gemfors: Vocal coaching
Thanks guys! You are all great!
Mats Thomasson, marketing wizzard
Fredrik Reuterhäll, director and talented guy
Hasse Eklund, long time friend and designer
Karin Gemfors, kick ass voice coach