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The beginnings
It all started with a guitar in my teenage bedroom. A western style Yamaha. But as studies and my career gradually took over, the guitar just sat there, silent.
In 2009, at the age of 46... I finally slowed down enough and decided to pick up playing again. I joined a class Rock School for Adults. Yeah, it´s true! There I met Göran and Oscar, and with our teacher on drums, we formed Tumult & Terapi. We all played guitar, so someone suggested I have a go at the bass. And I did. It was like coming home. I realized the bass should have been my thing all along. But the band broke up after Oscar left, so we found a new guitarist, a keyboard player and Öjje Forsberg on drums and called ourselves Tumult. I became lead singer, and we played for about two years.
After Tumult I met Andreas Abrahamsson at the 4Sound store in Stockholm. He was the lead singer in a blues and rock band called B-sides. They needed a bass player so I signed up. We played anything with roots in the Woodstock festival. It was an intense time and together with the talented musicians of B-sides, I learned a lot. We had numerous gigs, a couple of them at rather big venues in Stockholm.
Öjje Forsberg from Tumult and I liked each other and played almost intuitively together. I mean, that’s a big deal for drums and bass. So, of course we wanted to start a new band and spent quite a long time looking for a guitar player. Finally, we found a guitarplayer. He had not playaed the h´guitar for many years but said "Yes, ofcourse!" He joined us in our studio and on that intensely red carpet, the live band RMF was born. ... it was in the year of the goat.... or 2015 as we say. In 2019 the RMF adventure was over.
Gus Muller
During my time in B-sides and RMF I started trying to write music. I would learn and try new things as I went along. I started sending my recordings to friends for feedback. They were... brutally honest. It hurt sometimes, but I learned. And after about 15 songs, I wrote and recorded "Walking the Light". A friend that heard it sent the song to a childhood friend who had a small record label. His friend just answered: "I wanna produce that!" I was astonished. Could something I wrote be good enough for a single? It was, and suddenly I had a single out! The producer Micke MiMo Moberg at MiMo Sound was very professional. He also insisted my awkward Swedish name wouldn’t look good on a record sleeve, so it had to change. With some help from a friend we came up with Gus Muller which is rather close to home.
Gus Muller evolved into a string of studio recordings. The music is written, played and recorded by me. When I need help to get the right sound or hook my friends and my producer Micke Moberg helps me out. We have had an intense year when making the album Never Too Late. You can follow Gus Muller on Facebook and you will be part of the continuing journey and will hear the new songs as soon as we release them (or before…)
In the spring of 2019 we formed a band called Gus Stop to perform in a rock contest. But the band remained and are now the live version of Gus Muller. We hope it will grow into something permanent with a lot of gigs.
"So, it's never too late .... is it?"