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Some song just need some visual ... aid. And for five out of 11 of Gus Muller songs, that is part of the album Never too late there are videos.
It's highly creative and very skilled filmmaker Fredrik Reuterhäll from Invicta Film in Stockholm who makes the videos. I send him a song and the lyrics for it and then he ... probably takes a long Professor Balthazar walk in his studio.... before he has that mind blowing idea for the video. He presents it as pictures and a kind of storyline. He calls it treatment. But you get a feel and a visual picture of how it all will come out.
After shooting new scenes for the videos in Stockholm, Kiev, NY and some older material he has filmed elswhere he makes a first cut of the video. It has always been way beyond my expectations. He has tricks and things he does that make them special. Often he tries to explain the tricks for me before I´'v seen it and.... he's either bad at explaining or ... I just don't get it. But when I see the first cut of a video i can see what he meant and it all feels so in the right place. I'm genuinely impressed. And the number of people that look at them once they are out is astonishing. I'm so happy that Fredrik of Invicta Film and Mats Thomasson of Brandteam (PR and marketing) are part of the Gus Muller team.
Well, below you'll find links to our videos. Have fun! We did!