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Peter LeMarc is a Swedish artist and composer. He was very active during the 80:s and 90:s. But in the latter half of the 90:s he developed a severe stage fright. So, we haven’t see him for a while. But a lot of his music is all over the radio and there are a lot of Swedish musicians singing his songs or making covers of them. A night for Peter LeMarc was a concert whit a lot of Swedish top artists singing Peter songs in their own way. Peters melodical songs and romantic lyrics came through so nicely. It was a truly a night to remember.
Peter’s good friend, artist and host for the evening, Tomas Andersson Wij, booked Cirkus in Stockholm for the event. 1 600 seats. Tickets sold out in under a minute. So, he changed venue and we were 16 000 fans in the Tele 2 arena instead. Tomas told the story of how they met in the 80:s. How he has played a lot of Peters songs over the years and he considered himself Peters ambassador. I agree. Tomas finally told us that Peter and his family actually was sitting in the audience. All of us 16 000 gave Peter a looong standing ovation. It was heart warming to see, to be part of.
The show itself was very professional and personal at the same time. Some artists made us feel as if we were in their living room with them talking about Peter rather than in the big stadium. A night to remember…….
/Gus Muller