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ANOTHER DAY (Winter Sessions #1) – New Demo

Another day….. the feeling you get when it´s just too much. Or for some of us it feels just to much……. everyday. Well, I´m not like that but I do know the feeling. This inspired the text to this lay back song. About doing it … Another Day.
This is the demo but it´s already at Micke MiMo Moberg, my producer, for production. So, it will be a single soon. But for you my friends, you can have a sneak peek on the link below.
The single will be part of an EP (remember those?) planned for release in spring. The song will be on the EP together with 3 other songs. The EP will be called “Winter Sessions” because it is. It´s four songs recorded this winter and they are produced a little lighter, simpler, than I usually do. They have different origins but are recorded in the same fashion, in the same place, with the same instrument, in the same studio, this winter. So, winter Sessions.
The other songs are #2 “Monkey” a beautiful song with gripping lyrics written by my good friend Axel Wejne, #3 “Jim, Johnny and Jack” which is my old single “Help Me” as it has evolved with my live band Gus Stop. It´s almost a new song and #4 will probably be an improv recording we did as start for a rehearsal with Gus Stop. I had the main parts of the song with me to the studio. Stefan, Öjje and Challe did the rest.
But for now, Another day. Hope you like it.
/Gus Muller