Yes, we always film ourselves on stage. This time to, in Gustavsberg 11/9 -21 at the very small Nano gig. The only place to hang my phone was in the ceiling, hence the odd perspective. But although you miss out on our fancy footwork, you do see our talented drummer Öjje Forsberg play. And that’s rare.
The song “A Better Man” was written by the group in November 2020. It started out as a improv as a warm up to a rehearsal. This time the improv stuck and we played around with it until it was a new song. We made it so that we could play it on stage just the same as on the recorded single.
You can hear a girl or two giggle on the video. It’s my grandchildren. They had their earplugs in so they shouted all the time. But they are actually in one of Gus Mullers recorded songs to, not just shouting on a video. “Take My Hand” has them giggling in the end of the song so they are stars to be. I hope!