City Lights is a song about loneliness and the desperation that follows after years of searching for a new friend to chare your life. The songs lyrics is inspired by a part of my own life but the words, the very right words, came from a speach a young girl held the summer before last. She was just breathtakingly honest and she had this very beautiful way of using the words. It's all a kind of a dark song.
When we set out to make a video for the song I tried to tell, talented Fredrik Reuterhäll who produced and filmed the video, about this lonely feeling and the lurking desperation. He listened closely and I think he got it. Because he set of to New York and prowled the city in the dark hours. It all ended up a video which I think conveys the feeling and the desperation that I once felt. And I know many still do...
City Lights was the 5:th single from Gus. I worked with City Lights music for quite a while. Because I got so much feed back from the demo that I keept working on it. The song was built around a repetetive synth .. signal.. that I liked. But few others did so I evetually took it out. And by the time it was time to send the demo to Micke MiMo Moberg for production it sounded quite different. To my surprise, thought, Micke suggested to put a synth ... signal... back into the song. So it's there, but different, and better. And by the time we where finished I have had help from a few. So in City Lights you can hear:
Gus Muller: Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synth, backing vocals
Micke Moberg: Synth, drums
Todde Sjöström: Guitar, backing vocals
Åsa Pihl: Backing vocals
Fredrik Reuterhäll: Video production
So, now I'm just a little proud to present the visualization the strange mix of all that pain, fear and yearning that I remember...... and never ever want to see at again.
/just a little proud Gus