When we where planning for the video releases the idea to shoot a session came up. And maybe somewhere nice ... rather than in our regular recording studio. Oh, the studio is nice but it's not ..... "Instagram friendly". So we choose a really picturesque summer house east of Stockholm out in the archipellago. The old house had good acustics to. And since we choosed such a nice place we decided to invite everyone that is part of the Gus Muller adventure.
All the musicians but Åsa.
True rock 'n rollers, Sigge and Micke!
So we set up a .... pop up studio?..... and asked Fredrik Reuterhäll of Invicta film to shoot it all. So he came with all his gear and set it up. He was in and around the band all day. I got used to it after a while. But he got the things he wanted on tape. After the session we made dinner and set the table on the pier. Just lovely!
Well here is the result, the video for Give me a Reason. The song is about lying and the devestating effect it has on families and friends. I wrote the music around a chromatic doward scale on the bass. Yes I'm almost addicted to those and you can hear them in several Gus songs. The melody of the song lives a life of it's own, apart from the bass line. So when I wrote and recorded the demo for the song I told my self that I would not take this to the stage, cause it's to difficult to play the bass line and sing the rather demanding melody at the same time. But.... it was the first Gus song to go onstage with the live band RMF. I spent hours and hours preparing for that gig with Give me a reason as partof it. The band member to know.... until now.
Hope you will like it!
/not so photogenic Gus