I was thinking of my music box I had as a little kid. Tink-tink-tink, tink-tink-tink.... and so it went on. And on. I had that tink in my head one day. So what if.... what if it could be a song? Tink-tink-tink, tink-tink-tink... I tried on the synth in the studio. And.... well kind of boring sound. So I switched to the guitar. Better but no... flow? So I played with the stompboxes for a while and then, yeah, there was sometihing. So I let the guitar go tink-tink-tink....
It came out a really sad song. Kind of begging. And when I tried a melody for the song I nearly always take the words from "Summer of 96" by Bryan Adams. The words seems to work with almost any song. Or at least I know them well after singing it on stage for 10 years now. So, I did as I usually do. "- I got my first real six string...". And coming down the verse into the chorus, right there after the chorus I sang... "-Help me". Instead. So out of that came this rather sad song with a lyrics, as sad.
I went back to the feeling alhoholics and drug additcs have. The helplessness you can feel. Knowing you are the one doing it wrong, not feeling able to do anything about it yourself, needing someones help and feelning really ashamed to ask. ... Help me.....
Help me - Demo
This time everything is played by me.
I hope you like it..... anyway.
/Not sad anymore, Gus