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Some days the sun is shining, and you are just plain happy about it. That simple. And it’s for all of us! I see the sun is about this kind simple happiness. It’s a up tempo tune, It’s a happy tune. Recorded in the studio but…in front of a live studio audience… as the say in television. No. Not a actual audience but played and recorded as live in the studio by the talented musicians in the live band FW&M.
I wrote the song during the spring. And at a rehearsal with FW&M I asked them to play around a little with something I wrote. We ran thru it a couple of times so they could hear what it was. Stefan looked at me after that. And he said... "-This is something you could hear on the radio". I was flattered, of course. And it won't happen. But, we added it to the songs FW&M plays live and we recorded it for release 21 08 13. Or friday the 13:th......
Anyway, it all came out kind of cathy. I think. I hope you do!