RMF, the live band were Gus Muller is lead singer and bassist, had a nice gig this wednesday. It's a rock contest called Konsultrocken for 5 bands. It has been going on for a long time and so long in fact that no one remebers who started it or set up the rules. One of the rules are that last years winner has to arrange it following year. Last year RMF won and we arranged the contest this year. We did it at the nice Big Ben Pub in Stockholm.They have a basement floor with a nice big bar, good lighting and a stage set up for stand up comedy and rock 'n roll.
This years RMF set had three well knows hit's from yesteryear. It was Saving Grace by Tom Petty, Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams and the legendary Fortunate Son by John Fogarty in a really messy RMF version. You know, RMF sounds a lot more like a workbench than a dining table. We also had two of our own songs and they were Bad Things and Mortica. Both with music by RMF. We often start our rehearsals with a couple of minutes of jamming. And sometimes we stumble upon a couple of notes that can develop in to a song. And these are two of those songs. Bad Things has lyrics by Öjje Forsberg (drums) and Morticia has lyrics by Gus. Todde Sjöström (guitar) is the father of the very aggressive riff that carries Bad Things around.
Well it did't takes all the way, though. Konsultrocken was won by Shuntgruppen. Well deserved I might say. Also RMF, as stated in the rules, started out first.... being last years winners. Often all the audiense has not arrived as yet when the first band plays and since the audience are the voters.... Well it was set up so to make it less likely for the same band to win year after year. Does it work? Well may be... but Shuntgruppen was good, really good.
We are satisfied with what we did on stage this time so RMF is just looking forward to new gigs, more recording of live demos and to writing more songs. If you want to check RMF out, go to www.rmf.nu, our web site. It's in swedish but it has a little google translare icon to click, and it will be understandable, if not beautiful, in any other languish. Almost.
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