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There is just something about the beat in Midi Walk. I made it on a Cubase course. I played it for some friends and they kept nodding their heads as bobblehead dolls. So I gave it a lyric and….. here it is! Rhythmical and with a lyric about the course. So go ahead, bobble!
Well, not really so fast. The Cubase course was good. I learned a lot. It was way back in the spring of 2018. Our intense teacher was the “Swedish Queen of Electronica” as she was called, Sophie Rimheden. Being an impressive musician by trade she was impressive as a teacher too. I worked hard during the long weekend with Sophie. During the course we tested and learnt to do things in Cubase. For me it turned out as a little 30 seconds long upbeat rhythmical ….. tune? Anyway, I dumped a WAW of the thing on a USB before I left Sunday night.
Back in the studio I listened to it. I kind of liked it. Finally, I made as short demo of the 30 second’s loop. In November I listened to the demo again. Our work on Greed, which was supposed to be next single out, was delayed for several reasons. So, I decided to make Midi Walk a single. I kept the lyrics, about Sophie and the weekend with her, from the demo but reworked the sound and mix, I renewed all the song tracks, added more layers of it and sent it to Micke MiMo Moberg for production. Micke worked his magic and…. here it is.
Please stay with it for more than 1 minute and 15 seconds. It’s a odd arrangement with a super long intro due to the odd way the song was born. Most of my friends … that I made to listen to it…. liked it, so, I hope you do too.
Lyrics: Gus Muller -18
Music: Gus Muller -18/-21
Arr: Gus Muller
Drums: Gus Muller
Bass: Gus Muller
Piano/synth: Gus Muller
Lead vocal: Gus Muller
Backing vocals: Gus Muller
Mixing: Micke Moberg
Mastering: Micke Moberg
Production: Micke Moberg / Gus Muller

Music publisher: The Orchard Enterprise Inc / Sony Music
Record label: MiMo Sound Records
Chanels: Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Dezer, Pandora, Itunes and more
Webpage and covers: Hans Eklundh,