Yeah, he is. I met Öjje back in 2009 when the band Tumult & Therapy lost it's drummer and a guitarist. Me and Göran wanted to continue the band so we went looking for more friends. We ended up with Jörgen, Charlotta and Öjje. Öjje and I found each other in playing directly. We had a way of knowing what the other one wanted and our playing styles worked good together. Sometimes it was almost scary how clearly I knew what he was going to do. Like telepathy, or strong intuition. It still is.
Öjje is a big guy from the northen part of Sweden, "Lule" as he says on his nothern dialect. Or Luleå for us. Or anyone that looks on a map. He's a little rough around the edges and has a way of telling jokes so that you laugh and you grasp for breath at the same time. And he can express him self hard and direct. But also very delicately when needed. And he feels when. He loves heavy rock'n roll and at the same time he is also very very in love with his Maria. I mean, he's almost like a teenage girl around her. Take a look at his facebook profile and you'll see what I mean. Also he knows everything on anything. I pride myself in being knowlegeble but I'm always topped by him.
So he is a kind of an enigma. And I'm very fond of his plaiyng style. It's rythmical and syncopated with looong drum fills and backbeats. My producer Micke MiMo Moberg sometimes says "You cant play that way" about Öjjes drumstracks. But you can, and he does. It works out brilliantly. But if you want him to do something else he will. He can play delicate and gentle or bombastic and intense. Like the second drumtrack of four in the song Stureplan. His almost thunderstorm like drums rolls in 52 seconds from intro. Wonderful! Or the super long fills and varied drummin' in Lost Myself. Listen to it on Spotify.
In RMF and now in Forsberg Wilson & Muller we play covers, some of them Gus covers, and we write our own songs too. Öjje and I have done a couple of songs together. Susan's gone, Psychotic and A Better Man are Gus releases. But we have done a bunch of rocktracks wich have been played live only like Bad Thing, Mortica, Second Hand Love och Living in a Dream.
Around Öjje it always happens things, musically. It's so nice playing together.