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Psychotic is an odd song. It’s kind of catchy, but odd. Lyrics portray a psychotic man when walking thru Mayfair in London. Although that’s not clear to him. That odd lyrics are supported by a monotone and rhythmical triple bass line and drums with small and elegant variations to the monotone. Talking, singing, screaming, guitars, pianos, synth’s and sound FX is sprinkled on top of the monotone. It’s odd, but kind of catchy!
Psychotic was written by me,Todde Sjöström and Öjje Forsberg during our time in the live band RMF. It started out as an improv and went on to a song that RMF played on stage. We liked it and the audience to so…. Why not make it into a single from Gus Muller? So, we did. In December 2019 the live band Forsberg Wilson & Muller gathered to record. It took me all spring and summer to mix and work with it to a demo. But here it is. Psychotic!
On this recording you can hear:
Öjje Forsberg on drums and backing vocals
Clara Wilson on vocals / backing vocals
Challe Wilson on bass
Micke MiMo Moberg on Sound FX and synths
Gus Muller as lead vocals (or screaming), piano, bass, syths and guitar
Psychotic is produced and mastered by Micke MiMo Moberg at MiMo Sound records. The striking cover is made by Hasse Eklundh at
Music: Öjje Forsberg and Gus Muller
Lyrics: Gus Muller
I hope you like it!