Way back in 2016 Öjje, Todde and I started a rehearsal in the old band RMF with a drumbeat and a bass line. Kind of odd, kind of rhythmical. And quite monotone. But we liked it. Todde, the guitarist, added his part. And when we had palyed around with it I stepped up to the mick. And started talking, or screaming rather. But, it worked. So they sent me home to write some lyrics.
That was fun! Cause I had decided that it would be namned "Psychotic" since it sounded.... psychotic... so I wrote it fast. And it came out... Psychotic. In the studio we added a little traditional singing around all the screaming and it worked. Both RMF and now Forsberg Wilson & Muller have played it on stage. People seems to like it then so now we went all the way to a Demo with it.
On this recording you can hear:
Gus Muller: Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Öjje Forsberg: Drums and Backing vocals
Clara Wilson: Backing vocals
Challe Wilson: Bass
I hope you like it!