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Yes! It’s been a while since the crew of live band Forsberg Wilson & Muller (FW&M) meet to record. But now we did. It became an intense and sweaty hot evening in Aspudden. We ended up with 5 complete takes of Greed, as the song is called. I only have 4 inputs in my music interface to Cubase so it’s only Charlotta Wilson on the bass, Stefan Hedenström on the guitar and a stereo feed from drummer Öjje Forsberg that is recorded as yet. I will put my vocal tracks and the rhythm guitar track down later. But I can do that alone. And then…… mixing, post production and mastering. So, it’s still a lot of work left.
The song it self was born slowly…. slowly. It started out as “What happened in Edmond Oklahoma” in November 2020. I played that one for FW&M and they went… Naaa…… So, I kept going and in October 2021 It was renamed “Magnesium dreams”. Song and lyrics written again. I played that one for FW&M and they went… Naaa…… So, I kept going and on October 31, 2021, it was renamed “Greed”. It was the F-version of the song. And I thought I was finally there. No. I actually made a Facebook post about the F-version too. And, well….. FW&M they went… Naaa……
In the beginning of 2022 it was finally finished. As Greed, version G. I wanted it to come out as a single in mars and then be part of my second album. But the title song “The End of Reason” took quite a while to produce so Greed was left out. We have played Greed on stage for about 6 months now and it has matured a little and now FW&M goes … yes! I like that.
Yesterday we recorded. It has been a lot of work so far. I really hope you’ll like it when it’s published. And that is probably late December …... 2022.