Susan's gone. And left me..... I wonder why I keep writing these lyrics. Not the first of it's kind for me. Usually I say that my lyrics are small cut out's of my life. But I have almost never been abandoned by a woman. Well at least not after my teenage days. So.... can it be my fear that shines thru and makes me write about it? The fear of being abandoned by some one I love? I don't know and I don't even know a girl called Susan. And Åsa, my love and life, won't leave me, would she? I mean... it's been us for 20 years now. That won't change, will it?
No problem. It's still us. Åsa and me. I checked!
The music to Susan's gone came out of a improv as a start for a rehearsal, in the now defunct rock band RMF, way back in 2017. The live band Forsberg Wilson & Muller plays the song live. So it has a second life now. And a third one coming, maybe. Since the improv the song has a new melody and we switched the original guitar to a keyboard to soften thing up a bit. And we slightly changed the guitar track too. We added a acoustic guitar in the background an a lot of voices in the choir. But I still consider the music to be written by the former members of RMF.
The song as a demo sounds rather close to the version we do on stage. That's not very common. But if it reaches production and will be a new single from Gus then it will probably change some. We will see. On the demo you can hear:
Drums: Öjje Forsberg
Bass: Charlotta Wilson
Keyboards: Clara Wilson, Gus Muller
Guitar: Gus Muller
Lead vocal: Gus Muller
Backing vocal: Charlotta Wilson, Clara Wilson, Öjje Forsberg and Gus Muller
Arr: Gus Muller
The song written by: Gus Muller, Öjje Forsberg and Todde Sjöström
Lyrics by: Gus Muller.