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GSYS, Gamla Stans Yacht Sällskap, hosts the Big Boat Regatta every year. This means 45 feet + boats but most of the a lot longer, up to 100 feet. Many of the long, sleek, beautiful, fast wooden yachts from the first half om the 20:th century. Still racing and in super condition. They are like sailing Steinway grand pianos. And, of course, there are some modern superfast carbon fibre crates too.
We played during the after sail, between all the boats coming to dock after the race and the prize ceremony. It was hot, noisy and fun to play. And quite another experience to what we usually do. But I’m a member of the club so it felt nice to try.
We hope the sailors had as fun as we did.
Filmed with my Samsung phone. It was up in a mast quite far from the stage. So a lot of “sailors nose” can be heard in the recording.
Foto: Malcolm Hanes, Kristian Grelingaas and Gus Muller
/Gus Muller