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There is a old rock band contest that´s called Konsultrocken. It has been around for so long that no one remembers who started it or who set the rules. But it’s a very nice night at a venue with a stage and a bar. 4-5 bands playing for about 20 minutes, the audience votes and the winner get to play an encore. Everyone likes it. And the winner has to arrange the next years event.
I´v been in the contest 9 times. I won it twice with the blues band B-sides and once with RMF. And this will be the third time Gus Stop attends. But winning does not matter. It´s a fun night. And the voting … yes, the voting… is…. Well one of the band is decided to the winner.
So 16th of November at 6:30 pm at Kolingen in Stockholm. First band on stage about 7 pm at the renowned pub Kolingen. We will be last up on stage.
We will play new live arrangements of old songs that slowly evolved in our studio when rehearsing. We have tried to follow up on any idea and crazy suggestion we had. And some of the song has come out… nice we think.
So, if in Stockholm on the 16th, come visit Kolingen and vote for u…….. what ever band you think rules!
/Gus Muller