Todde playing with his new toy, the Boss ME 80 digital pedalboard.
Öjje fiddling with his extensive Roland TD-50 digital drum kit. It's a joy to record from it!
I'v been writing Gus songs by my self so far. Working slowly in the studio laying down track after track. I love it but it's a lot of work and kinda slow. In the liveband RMF we write songs to. Most oftenly we have a improv as a start of a rehearsal and some times it sounds good and one of us in the band makes a song out of it and write the lyrics.
But yesterday we tried something new. We set out to write even the lyrics together! Yeah! It works to. And is great fun. And it's much faster than working alone. We worked on a song which we called "New Song" at 5 o'clock and it ended up "Second-hand love" at about 7 o'clock. But, ehhhh... we are not finished with the lyrics, just the chorus. The song on the other hand got a nice solo, a set structure, a lovely break and a breathtaking outro. That was fast. And that's what happens when I work together with Todde and Öjje, the two very talented chums of RMF.
New song scribblings on it's way to become "Second-hand love".
Yeah, fun but frustrating at times....
Now, "Second-hand love" is much to much Rock'n roll for a Gus Muller tune. ...but if I let you in on a secret.... next Gus release will be a wild one. It's like a protest song from the 60's in a modern post punk era rock-style-package and....... well one of my friends called it dysto punk when he heard the demo. You will hear. Any way we worked on a Gus song to, yesterday. No name as yet and it's co-written with Öjje Forsberg and Todde Sjöström of RMF. It also started out as a slow winding improv on a rehearsal earlier this year. But our work has begun and I hope it will turn out well so that it can become one of Gus releases later on.
/Speedy Gus
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